Friday, May 07, 2010

Preview: Kuka with the Nexus One controlling 3G & enabling MMS on LUXGSM

Hi nexus one users out there,

since there is only one provider, ORANGE, in Luxembourg selling this amazing phone and I am a LUXGSM user, I had quite some problems finding the right settings for MMS and 3G....

So after some hard times googling and experimenting on my Nexus One I came to conclusion that it was a real pain in the ass, 3G working sometimes, mostly not and MMS...should be renamed to Merde Merde Shit :-)

Finally got it working but had to go down a completely different route, namely one which involved losing warranty and with the potential of crashing the phone, but what the heck, lets get it tiger :-)

You don't need technical skills, but you need to follow the instructions precisely for everything to work properly. I already unlocked several iphones but unlocking the Nexus One was a different story. So here we go, I'll do this in a few steps. This tutorial is for Windows 7.

Here is what you need :

1. HTC Nexus One Google Phone
2. Micro-A Usb Cable ( came with the phone )
3. PC or Notebok with Windows 7 installed

Let's get it on :-)

Hope to get more info soon

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