Thursday, May 20, 2010

black rebel motorcycle club

huet gerockt:

nach e puer videoen bei qik, video ruckelt mol mee audio ass do waat zielt, an daat funzt deck gudd! [ass mam nokia n97 opgeholl gi, des keier waar d'batterie voll am ufank, dofir sinn et mei vids gi, lo huet se nach 42%. ech sin zefridden domadden]

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rodrigo & Gabriela

waaren exzellent:

opgeholl um Balkon am Atelier mam nokia n97 a qik premium. den upload matt 3g/3.5G ass lues, den N97 gett woarm derbäi an d'batterie ass vun 57% op 11% gefall wou den upload bis färdesch waar. mee et funzt, daat zielt ;) [wlan oder e mifi wier vläit mei optimal]

(mol kucken op den embedded video hei funzt, beim kasperl (wordpress schengt nach e probleem ze sinn)

immens Kriisfliiger Opnahmen ouni geballers (oder ass et Krichsfliiger)

gesponsert vun der franseicher armei, mee daat ass mer egaal soss geife mer nie sou biller gesinn. Et geet em de Film Sky Fighters, ass schon relativ aal, 2005, ee Macho Film & de Plot ass am fong net gudd emgesaat. mee d'Fliiger Opnahmen sinn e puer Levelen driwwer, ech ziteieren mol wikipedia :

Les Chevaliers du Ciel was filmed in co-operation with the French Air Force. Initially the standard safety rules applied, but eventually the minimum allowed altitude was reduced to 3 m (10 ft) and the minimum distance between aircraft was reduced to 1 m (3 ft).[citation needed] The filming of these flight sequences seen in the movie were mainly done from the air, as opposed to Top Gun where most of the filming was done from the ground.

To achieve this, one of the Mirage's external fuel tanks was modified to fit a camera. A HD camera was considered for this purpose, but it did not fit in the fuel pod. Tracking shots were done from a hired Lear Jet.

Additionally, jet aircraft are not allowed to fly over Paris. As a result of this, all the Paris filming had to be done on the actual Bastille Day (14 July) for which the filming crew got special permission.

do d'Fligeropnahmen Top sinn huet sech "ech-weess-net-Ween" d'Meih gemaach just déi zesummenzeschneiden. dee Clip, oder soll ech et mashup nenne, hat ech bei Patrick's Aviation fonnt. de Clip heidrenner huet rëm aner Musik mee ass dofier a bessere Videoqualiteit bei youtube. Dofir mute d'youtube Musik, & loosst är Musik-TopTen am Hannergrond lafen


(merci guy)

Friday, May 07, 2010

Preview: Kuka with the Nexus One controlling 3G & enabling MMS on LUXGSM

Hi nexus one users out there,

since there is only one provider, ORANGE, in Luxembourg selling this amazing phone and I am a LUXGSM user, I had quite some problems finding the right settings for MMS and 3G....

So after some hard times googling and experimenting on my Nexus One I came to conclusion that it was a real pain in the ass, 3G working sometimes, mostly not and MMS...should be renamed to Merde Merde Shit :-)

Finally got it working but had to go down a completely different route, namely one which involved losing warranty and with the potential of crashing the phone, but what the heck, lets get it tiger :-)

You don't need technical skills, but you need to follow the instructions precisely for everything to work properly. I already unlocked several iphones but unlocking the Nexus One was a different story. So here we go, I'll do this in a few steps. This tutorial is for Windows 7.

Here is what you need :

1. HTC Nexus One Google Phone
2. Micro-A Usb Cable ( came with the phone )
3. PC or Notebok with Windows 7 installed

Let's get it on :-)

Hope to get more info soon

Public Service Announcement

zur Ofwiesselung mol eppes aneschtes. de kuka ass invitéiert als guest-blogger. gläich méi.